Have Car Insurance?

We Do Accident Repairs & More!

We have specialized in doing accident repairs through your insurance companies. We have got you covered in any form of repair ensuring that your vehicle returns to it’s  former glory just as it was before the accident.

Guaranteed High Quality repairs.

We know you have heard some repair shops cut corners, well, we don't. We use authentic parts for your repairs, we want you to be safe and your car back to it's factory condition.

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Our Featured Services

We offer a lot of repair and car improvement services. They can either be personalized services or accident repair services.

chassis repair

Chassis Repair

Our services include: panel beating, straightening, welding, body painting and chassis modification among other professional services.

brake repairs

Brake Repairs

Brakes are a vital part of any car that's why we don't compromise in their repair. We ensure that your brakes are well aligned, replaced and the movable parts well oiled.

system diagnosis

Shocks & Struts

We replace shocks and struts for both heavy commercial vehicles and light vehicles. We also modify the ground clearance of vehicles where it's needed.

system diagnosis

system diagnosis

This includes checking every part of your vehicle for known and unknown complications. Both mechanical and electrical repairs are administered after diagnosis.

wheel balance

Wheel Balancing

We do computerized wheel balancing and tyre alignment check. We also do technical fixes during wheel balancing to ensure that you save on wear and tear of your tyres.



This can range from major modification to technical improvements of your vehicle. We have fabrication specialists to attend to every specific requirement of this process.

Some of the vehicle brands we cater for